The worst compulsive disorder

Hoarding is NOT OCD

  • Hoarding is both biologically and neurologically distinct from OCD.
  • The same type of treatment used for OCD will not work for Hoarding
  • While OCD symptoms fluctuate, hoarding will usually get progressively worse

Why do people hoard?

  • They believe inanimate items to have sentimental value
  • They think objects have a potential value in the future
  • They reason that keeping items will help to jog memory
  • They have no where else to put them

Treatment Options!

Frost and Gail Steketee of Boston University published a treatment manual for therapists in 2007

What to do?

  • Create a list of pragmatic questions to ask yourself before buying/keeping an item
  • Over time, gradually develop a tolerance to hoarding items
  • Through proper treatment, there is an estimated 70% chance of improving!