Makerspaces and School Libraries

Pennsylvania School Librarians Association, May 2015

Ideas for Bringing Making Into Your School

Learn More

  • Start making things yourself
  • Visit school and community makerspaces
  • Go to a Maker Faire

Start Small

  • Find interested faculty and students to collaborate with
  • Consider your school’s culture and where making fits best
  • Make do with materials you have or can obtain easily and cheaply
  • Talk it up to students, faculty, admins, parents

Expand Deliberately

  • Host a workshop - PUBLICIZE IT
  • First purchases should be tools and resources with low barriers to entry
  • Remember: you don’t have to master something before you bring into your program

Space Comes Last

  • A dedicated makerspace is most sustainable when the culture has already taken hold
  • Once you have a space - INVITE, INVITE, INVITE

Josh Wesigrau

Academic Technology Coordinator at Friends' Central School

Mary Fran Torpey

Director of Libraries at Friends' Central School

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