Jumping Astronaut Goes To Space!

By: Tori J. Marcelin

Once upon a time there lived a Jumping Astronaut. He had two cats. One of there names was Lia and the other ones name was Snowy. Snowy was always very,very loud. Lia was very, very beautiful. Lia was turned into a kitten by a evil witch. Snowy was mean too! Lia was the nice one. Snowy was one day sent to the moon. She had a plan to trick Jumping Astronaut to go to SPACE! Jmping Astronaut wasn't a Astronaut, he played DOUBLE DUTCH! After Lia told Jumping Astronaut that Snowy was going to send him to the moon. He said to Lia you're tall again! Lia was so happy that she did 100 good deeds. Then Snowy (the cat) tugged on Jumping Astronaut's pants until they got to the space station. But Jumping Astronaut wasn't afraid. He got to the moon in no time. He wanted to leave Earth in no time to. He knew Lia would take care of Snowy. So he took the jetpack that he brought to space, and flew when Snowy wasn't looking. And no one heard a peep of the jetpack so he just flew on. And Lia knew where he was. P.S he always saw Snowy trying to tugged on someone expet Lia! The End! (fine)