Now is the time to plan


Bi-Annual Newsletter

The current downturn in the economy affects all of us. As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. And that’s exactly the right strategy for tough times. Research has shown that most companies inadvertently become defensive in a recession. They cut costs, reduce staff, and sell off non-core assets. Not a bad strategy, just not the right strategy for a company that wants to go somewhere.

Most of the wealthiest men have built their fortunes, not in good times, but in bad ones. This is because they understood that the best time to attack was indeed when others were already retreating. In tough times, the best strategy is to become more aggressive in terms of market share. Double your efforts in sales, triple your efforts in terms of delivery. For when the market turns, and it always does, then you gleaned significant market share. And in good times, it is the company with market share that wins. Spend time now working on your sales and marketing strategies. Do not be conse.