Sun and Shadow

By Ray Bradbury


Plot Line

  • Exposition: The story starts with Ricardo coming out of his house terribly mad that the camera men are taking pictures near his house
  • Rising Action: Ricardo gets naked and sabotages the photoshoot. The police are called to deal with him but the police side with Ricardo
  • Climax: The camera men give up and leave Ricardo's neighborhood
  • Falling Action: The townspeople cheer for Ricardo because he drove the camera men away
  • Resolution: Ricardo walks back to his house to continue normal life

Major Conflict

The main conflict in this story is the ongoing battle between Ricardo and the camera men. The camera men are taking pictures of Ricardo's house and he really doesn't like it. This is an external conflict because it is a conflict between two different people/groups over an external issue.


The author uses irony during the story to surprise the reader and to add a little comedy to the story. During one part of the story, the camera men call the police in order to get Ricardo arrested. One might expect the police to be furious and take Ricardo away instantly. What actually happens is the police officer is very kind to Ricardo and lets him continue being naked.


The theme of this story is that it is always important to fight for something you believe in. I gathered this from the fact that Ricardo does the same thing in the story. The camera men are trying to take pictures near Ricardo's house but he doesn't believe they should be allowed to. In turn, he sabotages the photoshoot in order to drive them away. This eventually works and leaves Ricardo very happy and content with his actions.

Most compelling aspect of the story

I think that the most interesting thing I liked about the story was the ongoing comedy. Although they never told any jokes, the whole story just had a very silly feel to it and some of the Irony in the story helped with that.