WARNING: cyber bulling can cause suicide!!!!!!!

What is cyber bulling?

Cyber bulling is bulling through a text message, chat room, or any online chat system for example, like Facebook.

What is cyber bulling?


Cyber bulling is bulling online or through a text message for example, Facebook or in a chat room.

Tips/ how to make it stop.

use these tips!!!!

  1. If someone sends you a mean message, you gotta stop, block and tell
  2. If someone asks you to meet them and you don’t know them, say no and tell an adult
  3. If you do go to someone’s house and you met on a chat room or through texting and you get abused, tell your parents right away and then call the cops.
  4. Try not to message someone that you don’t know
  5. Don’t tell anyone your house address, your password for ANYTHING, or share your diary with nobody.
  6. Keep private information to yourself.

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