Kindness Grove

Where Kindness Means Everything

Declaration of Independence

We the people of Kindness Grove promise to be good to our neighbors and be nothing but kind. In the past, there has been problems with arguments and fighting. But here in our loving society, there is no physical contact. No need to worry about gun safety, you earn a gun after 20 years of a clean record. Sure, some people could wait 20 years to earn a gun and then do something bad, but here if you commit a serious crime you are to be locked away in bars off on Sandy Island. If you commit a minor crime you are put in the 2nd Chance house with others like you to learn to be good again. In our gorgeous society, there is no pollution because we only allow battery charged cars to enter our area. During night hours you plug in your car so it is up and running for you to use in the morning, plus you don't have to pay for gas! Doesn't it sound wonderful here in Kindness Grove?


1) You may choose what time you attend work, but you must work the same amount of hours.

2) Children attend school four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

3) No physical contact

4) Adults do not have to work on Wednesdays but if you have children and arranged babysitting, you may attend work for extra pay.

5) You do not earn a paycheck, instead you get paid a certain amount of money everyday you work, so if you choose to stay home on a Wednesday, you will not earn money for that day but if you do work you will earn money.

6) You will spend extra school or work hours if you have not finished what you were assigned to do, no taking work home.

7) No work or homework is assigned for adults or children to take home and do, in your school/job you do as much work needed.

8) Candy is unlimited here in Kindness Grove, in night hours before you go to sleep, you eat a small little gummy thing, and as you sleep it replaces all rotten teeth with brand new teeth.

9) No weapons are to be held in your household, you only earn a weapon for self defense after 20 years of a clean record. The government decides when you are trustworthy.

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My Society "Kindness Grove" survives by family members providing for each other. The people in my country may choose from a long list of jobs, actually 2 lists. One list is of risk-free jobs such as grocery bagger, accountant, etc. On a separate list is jobs that MAY be risky, such as doctor, construction worker, window washer, pilot, etc. Of course, as listed in the rules, you get paid everyday you work. Instead of earning a paycheck you get a certain amount of money everyday, so if you take a Wednesday off to care for your family, you don't get paid.

Letter From the Founder

Dear Friends,

In the past, certain country's were unfair and did not do things that have been appealing to you. Well, if you come join us here in Kindness Grove, once you vote on a law, and it is checked to make sure it is a winner, it is automatically added in our book of rules. Of course, laws cannot be anything against the kindness theme, and there will be certain restrictions for whom may vote, you are not to be excluded. You may live the life you choose! Also, in other country's, especially if you have children, you would worry about a safe child-friendly neighborhood for your family. Here all of our neighbors are kind and welcoming, and you can move in without feeling threatened. Be prepared to walk outside with your family and have your neighbors smile and wave. Come join us today!


Evia Rutkis,

founder of Kindness Grove.

P.S: Hope to see you soon!