Campus Crisis Response

What to expect when the crisis team responds to your campus

The first reaction to a death is generally shock and disbelief, especially if the death was sudden or unexpected. The role of the crisis team is to provide a caring and supportive environment for students and staff, and help the campus to take the first steps towards healing from the loss.

Principal's Checklist

This checklist was developed for campus administrators to use as a tool during the first school day following the death of a staff member or student, or a critical incident.

Key Topics for Staff Meeting

Administrators are at times uncertain about what and when to share with staff members regarding the death of a student or staff member. This guide will help administrators navigate these uncertainties. Key points, such as plans for substitutes, how to support specific affected student groups, general support information for students and staff, and how to share information with staff and students, are included in this guide.

What Other Things Will the Crisis Intervention Counselors Consider?

The district crisis intervention counselors will work closely with administrators to support the campus and assist in developing a plan for the crisis response. This document includes some of the information that will be used in developing the plan.

Administrative Crisis Manual and Campus Supplies

Each administrator should have a Response and Intervention: Death of a Student or Staff Manual. This is a comprehensive collection of procedures, checklists, sample communications, and grief information. Please refer to the manual for helpful information and resources.

Each campus counselor has been provided with a "Safe Room Box." The contents of the box include supplies that are needed to set up a safe room (district forms, markers, crayons, paper, Kleenex, etc.). Your campus counselor will ensure that the box is restocked and/or updated as needed.

Addressing Grief: Brief Tips and Facts

This website provides general information on grief and its impact on children and adolescents.

How to Help a Grieving Teen

This website provides more specific information on how to help a grieving teen.

Intervening After A Suicide

Proper intervention after a suicide can help prevent additional deaths. Detailed information regarding suicide specific concerns is included.

Memorial Ideas and Considerations

In the immediate aftermath of a student or staff death, there are many factors that schools should consider to provide the best support available while still maintaining a daily routine. The below information is a guideline for establishing healthy boundaries and limits with students, while continuing to provide compassion and sensitivity to those grieving.
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EMS ISD Crisis Intervention Counselors

We want to help you plan! If you have questions or concerns regarding your campuses' crisis plan, please contact Mariella Alvarado at A Crisis Intervention counselor will be happy to contact you to answer questions or concerns.