Neil Armstrong

By Derek Verlage

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Early life

Neil Armstrong was the 1st man on the moon. He was born in 1930. As a child, he was very smart. When he was in first grade, he read 90 books. Because of this, he skipped second grade. Neil like airplanes since he was a child. He liked to go to airplane races with his dad.

In The Navy

Later, in 1949, he went to college to study aeronautical engineering, but was called to join the navy. He was the youngest man in his squadron. While Neil was in the Navy, the Korean War started. In one of his missions, Neil's plane was shot with an anti air artillery. It tore away one meter from the plane's wing. He planed to eject over the sea, but when he ejected, he was propelled backwards and was forced to land in the land. He was later picked up and taken to safety. He flew 78 missions before resigning.

On The Moon

Afterwards, he was hired by NASA as a test pilot. He tested several new planes. NASA eventually made him an astronaut. He flew in one of the missions that failed. Some time later, he was made as the captain of Apollo 11.He was going to be the first man on the moon. Neil was really nervous. He was afraid of the mission failing, but he was also excited. He wanted to go to the moon. On July 21, Neil landed on the moon and said his famous phrase:" One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for man kind."

Final Moments

After returning from the moon, Neil received a medal from the president of the United States. Neil was 82 years old when he died. Today he is still remembered for his great accomplishes.