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Teacher of the Year!

The teacher of the year was awarded to Mrs. Marcus at a nearby school yesterday. Mrs. Marcus is a teacher to many girls and boys of the fourth grade. She is favored by all of her students and peers. Some said to reporters she is kind, friendly, and caring. Others said to the reporters they were just happy to be on TV.

The district said that she was chosen because of her "attention to each and everyone of her students". Unlike other teachers she understands everyones strengths and their weaknesses. Also she is a teacher that never discriminates. That is what makes a good teacher.

What's also exciting is that she is the first District Teacher of the Year for that school. In congratulations a assembly was held. A gold plated trophy and a gift with a $100 cash, a vintage cup, and a new leather jacket bought by the district.

A wonderful event for the school and Mrs. Marcus. Life will continue on for Mrs. Marcus but she will always have the event in her mind. Also the kids will be so proud of her great achievement.

-Reporter Fill Pilbucket

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This picture shows Mrs. Marcus with some of her students.

Advice Column

From Mitty Blake at mblak@straph.edu

Dear Advice Column,

I have a project that needs to be done. It is a research paper on smallpox.. My teacher asked me to do my research and turn that in then start on my essay and turn it in.

To give you a brief summary of smallpox, incase you are wondering, is that it is an epidemic disease. Smallpox causes bubbles on the skin and heats your body so much to the point you can die from it. Anyhow, I want to type my essay right away and kind of implement my notes into the essay.

I wrote in this column to hope to get a more efficient and better way to create my project. I hope that you reply as soon as possible as my project is due in one week. Thank you.


Mitty Blake

From Advice Column head director at adviceletter@urbannewspaper.com

Dear Mr. Mitty Blake,

Thank you for writing about how you needed advice on how to make a project. I too when I was a kid hated projects and wanted too finish them ASAP. I found that rushing was not as good as taking your time.

In my opinion I think that implementing your notes into your writing is not a very good idea, but on the other hand smallpox is a good topic for a research paper. Notes are just quickly jotted down notes that sometimes are hard to understand to the reader.

To create the project you should gather vivid research that explain the 5W and H( Who, What, Where, Why, and How). Sequencing is the next step and is the most important because without the sequence random facts will be in odd places. Finally write the essay and revise and edit to create your final draft.

That's all there is to it. Get to that pencil and paper and start composing that beautiful piece of literature. Whoever this teacher is will love your expository and maybe even share it to the class. Good luck on the project!


Advice Column head

Have a question? Email it to adviceletter@urbannewspaper.com

A Watery Solution

Friday, March 12th 1999 at 1:30pm

2030 West 47th Street

Cleveland, OH

This is an event will be a competition to solve the problem of water transportation. People carry water day after day to the garden. The water can way up to 20 pounds. This heavy weight hurts and damages people's back. Once at the garden people's back ache so much that they can't work. We will see you there at the event. Also you can find it surrounded by three skyscrapers.