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Chinese Ancient Inventions!

We Are Showcasing Lots Of Chinese Inventions Such As The Magnetic Compass Which Helped Ancient China out A lot By Making It Easier To Travel On The Ocean And Sea! Porcelain Was also made in china, it was much finer than other clay ceramics so thin as to be translucent. Its white color could be painted in many colors. Ancient China Even Invented Paper Currency! Paper Currency Was Easy To Print and Easier To Carry Around, Unlike The Old Heavy Coins They Had Before.

Aztec, Maya and Inca Civilizations.


Aztecs Lived In What Is Now Known As Mexico.It was like an empire the Aztec empire was very agricultural they had different classes of people and worshiped a thousand different gods in their religion.

Aztec Inventions

The Aztecs Had works of art and architecture. They also made advances in astronomy. The Aztecs Invented A Calendar For Farming And For Religion. They Also Dug Canals And Used Canoes To Transport Goods.


They lived In Southern Mexico and Into northern central america. Most of the Mayans were farmers and began to use irrigation to water the corn crop. The corn crop was very important to the Mayans. They prayed to many gods and the supreme god was the lord of fire.

Mayan Inventions

The Maya devoloped the 365 day calendar which is like the calendars we use today! Also the Mayans made a writing system. It used Symbolic pictures called glyphs.


The Incas lived in the high Andes Mountains in South America. It was a difficult climate and hard to grow food. There was a king and commoners. They worshiped many gods. The Inca Empire Was The Largest Empire In The Early 1500's.

Inca Inventions

Incas Cut Terrace In The Side Of The Andes Mountains So They Could Grow Food Easier For Where They Lived. Also They Invented Rope Bridges, Which Were Useful Since The Incas Lived In The Mountains.