Team Orion

Gainesville Middle School (May 30- June 15)

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Note to Parents

The students were given a permission slip for the end of the year Team Orion awards. Please take a minute and review the content. We would like them back by Friday, June 2nd for snack buying purposes.


We are finishing our exploration of Ecology. Students still have several important 90% grades left yet to take. There will be a unit test next Friday, targets 20,21,22. There will be a review sheet given out this Thursday so you can get going. I will make Quizzizz as well. Keep working hard, there is still time to improve your grade.

Language Arts

We started out quickly in Language Arts this week where we were introduced to Week 10 Word Parts/Vocabulary (which will be quizzed on Wednesday, 5/31) and began pre-reading activities for Roald Dahl's "The Landlady." In addition, students were given the opportunity to sign up to retake the Summarizing Quiz that was returned this week, if they chose to do so. Students had to sign up on Wednesday, 5/24 to commit to completing the Summarizing Remediation packet by Tuesday, 5/30 and retaking a quiz at lunch on Wednesday, 5/31. We will continue reading/listening to the audio of "The Landlady" this week with the culminating activity being a response to a writing prompt based on the story.

Social Studies

Students will be presenting their final projects for the year. I will pick 5 at random and they will be send to the Hill. Students had many days in class to work on this project and had the paper assigned May 18th so this should not be a shock to any of them. They will have the grades the same day that they present the project. Once we have completed the projects, students will be taking notes on Modern history. They will learn about things from 1970- Today. We will be reviewing a day or two and on the 9th we will have an end of the year test. This is strictly for me and to see what they have learned over the course of this year this will not be a 90% grade. That will take us into the final week of school and upcoming events that can be found on the letter we sent home.


This week we are presenting out SCAMP projects for the class. Next week, we will focus on a few objectives that will make the students more successful for their next year. Remember to always come with a pencil and paper ( and most of the time, colored pencils too :) ) Over the summer--- your IXL accounts should remain active so GO AND DO MATH :)