Matter Stereotypes Stand Tall

And We're Done.

The Problems

In the wake of the 3rd wave feminist movement, another grave civil rights problem has risen. We as a society have put stereotypes on matter, the basic building blocks of our universe, to fit our own idiotic needs and beliefs. We as a people should respect matter and compounds rights to become what they want, for their own benefit.

I recently spoke to Chanty Binx, a huge feminist activist who fights for female superiority over the white male patriarchy, and she has some very interesting things to say about matter stereotypes. She believes that matter should be able to conform to nothing, and be what they want to be. " I just don't understand why we put labels such as dangerous or toxic. Its a violation of the 1st Amendment. We can't stand to be near carbon monoxide, or chlorine gas because they are classified as dangerous chemicals from an organization that is ruled by the white patriarchy. I'm sure I could breath carbon monoxide without any health issues. "

The White Patriarchy's Response

We recently spoke to David Michaels, the Assistant Secretary of Labor and the leader of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and who is white, about how they classify chemicals and brand them with labels. "I don't understand what the problem is", Michaels said," we do this to protect the employees of many chemical handling companies in the US. Its not something we do because we hate chemicals, because chemicals aren't sentient organisms. They are substances that get absorbed into our bloodstreams and affect our body systems and cells in a positive or negative fashion." Even though Mr. Michaels is obviously brain-washed by the bigotry of the US white patriarchy government, we know that chemicals have feelings too.
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Save the Chemicals

We obviously know that chlorine isn't poisonous because we put it in our pools to kill everything from hurting us. Chlorine does this because it cares about our feelings, even though we don't care about his. Do this for chlorine's family and friends who aren't accepted in the world. Do it for equality for all.