Lift, Twist & Lock!

The number ONE wall mount on the market!

Do you ever get fed up with straitening that painting, the slamming door knocking down the family photo, or a gust of wind blowing that poster around? Well this is the solution! Wall-E is a brand new style of wall mounting system. Its design makes it the most versatile and adjustable product of its class on the market. So next time your frame is crooked, just remember, Wall-E!

3 Easy Steps!

How it works.

Wall-E's unique design allows the user to easily adjust the angle of whatever item they decide to mount on the wall with no hassle or fuss. All you need to do is lift, twist and lock. What makes Wall-E stick out from the competition is its ability to have over 10 kg's worth of weight on the mount, and this will not affect the ability to adjust the item in the slightest!

Pre-order now for the introductory price of $12!

$12 RRP plus postage
Hang It All Group 9 Hanging System