Ocean Acidification

Alyssa Badger

Ocean Acidification

“Carbonic acid is relatively weak; people drink it all the time in carbonated beverages. But if enough of it forms, it makes seawater corrosive.” Due to way too much Co2 in the air, our oceans are slowly turning into acid. The ph in our oceans is decreasing dramatically, causing the carbon dioxide in the air to seep and dissolve in our oceans, lakes, rivers, and creeks. On National Geographic it states, “Shallow-water creatures, like these corals, are extremely vulnerable to carbonic acid. Scientists are calling for drastic measures to avert massive bleaching of the world's reefs.” We are destroying our ocean’s wildlife. Knowingly, I may add. We have to take action. We have to save our oceans, and it’s wildlife. (fish, coral, dolphins, whales, sharks, etc.)

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Plan For Action

Walking today, could keep another fish swimming tomorrow. Decrease Co2 in the air to help stop Ocean Acidification.

In 2040, 71% of the earth’s surface will be covered in acid. Stop Ocean Acidification.