Eat Pray Love

Written by Elizabeth Gilbert and Directed by Ryan Murphy

The Movie vs. The Book

Movie: When Liz goes on her trip it is for her own personal reasons; she don't get a book deal.

Book: Liz gets a book deal to go on her trip and it is paid for by the advance.

Movie: Liz meets her friend Sofie in a random encounter at a cafe.

Book: She meets her friend in a language class.

Movie: The bond between Richard and Liz took a while to form. At first they were not friendly with each other.

Book: Liz and Richard were instantly close and easily formed a strong bond.

Movie: Liz met Felipe when he bumped her off the road while she was riding her bike, causing stress and annoyance between them when they met again at a party.

Book: Liz first met Felipe at a party. A bus ran her off the road.

Movie: Liz is afraid to love again and enter into another relationship with Felipe. Felipe is also doubting whether or not he can allow himself to trust again after his divorce. Liz freaked out when Felipe asked her to leap with him into a relationship.

Book: Liz allows herself to love and be loved after her experiences in Italy and India that has changed her outlook on life. She does not hesitate to take that leap of faith with Felipe. Felipe also does not doubt in his love for Liz. At the end of the book she takes Felipe to a tiny island called Gili Meno, which she described as "one of the most important places in the world to me."

To me Liz in the beginning of the book is weaker than in the movie but in the end Liz is stronger in the book than in the movie.

In the book she is always depressed and lonely in the beginning and in the end she has defeated that and opened herself up easily to love and to be loved with no doubt or fears.

In the movie Liz might seem desperate but she is not pathetic like she was in the book, but in the end it is as if she forgets all that she has learned in the past year when she closes herself up when she cowardly rejects the love Felipe has for her. Luckily she realizes her mistake but in the book she becomes fearless without hesitation.