NCTies 2014

Media & Technology Tips- Day 3

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Below are just a few resources from sessions at NCTies for you to look at in your spair time. I have attemped to add a video demo to most so you can preview how it works for yourself.

Web 2.0

Classroom 2.0 will showcase instructional approaches that encourages teachers to transform their traditional lessons into digital lessons. Blended learning allows teachers to maximize student engagement while teaching imperative technology skills.

Media Specialist Evaluation Q&A

Q: Do I need to be able to log in to True North Logic or HomeBase?

  • A: You do not need to have a log in for either of these for your evaluation instrument. Only Teachers and administrators are on True North Logic or HomeBase. All of our evaluation documents are on our website.

Q: What can the administrator evaluate?

  • A: Since we have so many hats, you can have a conversation with your administrator to determine what they want to observe. They suggest that formal observations be lessons, activies, etc... but informal observations could be Book Fair Facilitation, Staff training, Webpage development, library management, evidence of collection development, Leadership meeting, etc...

Q: What is True North Logic vs HomeBase?

  • A: True North Logic is a component of Home Base called NCEES. Our evaluation instrument can be found on the NEECS WIKI, but not in NCEES part of HomeBase .

Q: What is an artifact?

  • A: Artifacts to supporot your evaluation would include natural by-products of what you are currently doing. Emails, lesson plans, agenda's etc...

To access more information about the School Library Media Coordinator (SLMC) evaluation CLICK HERE

Click HERE to access an Evaluation Instrument Tutorial

Destiny eLearning Video Content

April 1st, all branches of Follett will be cobmined into Follett School Solutions.

On Demand eLearnings-

This is part of the contract that GCS funds for your school. There are eLearning videos for One Search, eBooks, Using Destiny, etc... just about anything you can think of offered through Destiny.

CLICK HERE to access Follett's Home Page

To access the eLearning videos you must have your customer number to register your site.

Destiny DashBoard- Add tables and graphics that show usage in your media center.

  • Log In to Destiny as Mediaspec
  • Go to Configure and add the items you would like on the dashboard.

Contact Information:

  • Destiny Questions 1-800-323-3397
  • eBook Question 1-877-873-2764

Web Tools

Have a great Week!