All about computers


Desktop PC

PC's have a monitor (screen) that isn't portable. It has a separate Tower that is plugged into the computer. This is often good for gaming because the hard drive is usually bigger than a laptop. It is quite large and heavy but it's built to stay in one place and not to be moved around often. The price ranges from £200 - £3,000 depending on what features you want.


Laptops are great from people that like to have access to the internet all of the time. They're portable and it has an attached in keyboard and a built in mouse. They don't have to be plugged every time it is used but it does have to be charged. This is good for students, businessmen and people that like to have access to the internet often. The price ranges from £100 - £1000 pounds depending on brand and features such as built in cameras.

Smart phone

A smart phone is a phone that still makes calls and sents texts but it has a lot of the same features as a laptop. Such as: use the Internet, play games, watch videos and TV etc... It aslo has the ability to take pictures. Smart phones are mainly used by teenagers and adults especially with social networking being to popular. It is touch screen and has a built in keyboard. The price ranges from £100 - £800 . The difference in price is to do with size and special features such as the iPhone being able to video chat with someone (FaceTime)


Tablets are very similar to laptops but, they don't have a keyboard. It is very lightweight and portable and the possiblities are almost endless to the features. You can: video chats, Internet, camera, writing etc.... The price ranges go from £70 - £300 because the storage can be bigger or the features can be better such as being able to video chat as the Apple iPad can FaceTime.