6A & 6B Vocabulary

Martha Flores 3 Period


The are extending approximately from Central Mexico to Honduras & Nicaragua in which diverse Pre-Columbian civilizations flourished.


The choice or best of anything considered collectively as of a group or class of persons


A heavy, large-caliber smooth bore gun for inanity soldiers, introduced in the16th century: the predecessor of the modern life


to destroy a great number of proportion of people


marriage between people of different races, religions, tribes, caste or ethnic groups, as between a white & black

Encomienda System

Was a legal system that was employed mainly by the Spanish crown during the Spanish colonization of the Americas to regulate Native America labor and autonomy

Columbian Exchange

The exchange of European products, ideas & diseases to the Americas & vice versa


A principal raw material or commodity grown or manufactured in a locality


To drive off or send off in a various directions


is a scattered population with a common origin in a smaller geographic area.

Cash Crops

a crop produced for its commercial value rather than for use by the grower