Edition #6-September 28, 2015

Calendar Items

***Jump Rope for Heart Continues...Thanks to all for promoting this profound initiative and Lisa Mac for Leading it!

  • Monday 9/28: DATA WALLS...3rd gr. from 8:30-11:30. K from 12-3. Leadership Team meeting from 3:30-4:30 in Reading Room...Final touches SIP!
  • Tuesday 9/29: DATA WALLS...2nd gr. from 8:30-11:30. 1st gr. from 12-3. District Mentor meeting at MMS from 3:00-4:15.
  • Wednesday 9/30: Early Release at 1:00. PAYDAY!!! All STAFF meeting in Media Center from 1:30-2 then PD plan!
  • Thursday 10/1: Interim Reports go home!
  • Friday 10/2: All Pro Dad 7:30-8:15 in Reading Room

***Also all STAFF meetings and Leadership/SIT meetings have been added to Google Calendar. We are trying hard to keep Wednesday our day!!!

Upcoming: Book Fair 10/5-10/9 (10/8 late night until 6:30)


Coverage for data walls is HERE. (Thank you Cindy!!!)

Please have post-it notes ready...See you in the Reading Room.

Remember Monday 10/5 small groups start.


Thank you to all for Reaching for the STARS with your PDPs and for Leadership team for aligning our SIP plan to our PDP goals. Shoot for Perfection and on our way we will hit Excellence. Below our the 3rd grade goals (our Seniors)! Remember even through we are on separate smaller Teams with different assessments we are ALL IN on being one SOUTH TEAM that must keep a laser focus on student achievement for ALL students. GO SOUTH STARS!!!




Black Reading



EDS Reading



SWD Reading






Black Math



EDS Math



SWD Math



Pre Conference, Observations, and Post Conferences...Plus Walkthroughs!

Both Mrs. Robinson and Dr. Cottone sent out Sign Up Genius time slots to begin our first round of observations. Please book your slots...Pre and Post=30minute slot and an Observation=two 30minute slots.

Walkthroughs will be happening now as well. Lauren P, Susan O, Jemma C, Dr. Hill, Mrs. Robinson, and Dr. Cottone will all participate in providing walkthrough feedback.

Things we look for...Balanced Literacy, Hands on Math (manipulatives!), collaborative students, differentiated learning for all students, digital use that crosses the line, instructional assistants working with students, clear student expectations for what students are learning, i-can statement usage, student data tracking, and formative assessments used often!

Hearing and Vision Screening Information

HERE is the link for the Hearing and Screening schedule. This will take place on Wednesday September 30th. Computer class will be in Computer Lab and Music will be in the Reading Room on this day.

Staff, please know that we needed to change the Early Release Lunch Schedule. Again Lunch Schedule is DIFFERENT on this day only so that we could get all 1st and 3rd graders through Vision and Hearing screenings. Also 3rd grade is scheduled for lunch during their elective time, elective teachers can cover 3rd grade lunch.

Global Math Challenge

Global Math Challenge...Cheryl McCrorey shared this via email with ALL and I am putting in the Newsletter for everyone to consider. Cheryl you continue to LEAD by example!

Classes tweet out math challenges each day. Challenges are grade specific, so there is a spreadsheet telling you what classes are hosting for each grade each week. Challenges are on twitter, so you will need to follow the person for your grade on twitter. Sounds confusing, but really simple!

It's all set up, you don't have to "join", "sign up", or even participate every day.

Shout Outs


South website, South PTSO website, PTSO FB, MGSD website, MGSD FB, MGSD Twitter, Cottone and other staff Twitter handles, e-mails, Google docs, and South Google Calendar!!!