Tate's Lesson Plans

Fourth Grade


Thank you so much for taking my class today. My teammate is Laura Bowman, she is just down the hall and will be happy to help with anything.

Please feel free to text me with any questions. 817-879-7467 Please make sure to read over all of the plans before you start with kiddos.


1770 Teammate- Laura Bowman

1781 Sped- Misty Goodwin

1722 Counselor- Michelle Shoulders

1712 Nurse- Katherine Norman

1713 Attendance Clerk- Lisa Watts

1711 Secretary- Sylvia Brantley

1716 Vice Principal- Amy Newland

1710 Principal- Marsha Perry

1700 Office, General

General Things

Please have the announcements link up when students arrive. Announcements will start around 8:10. Since it is streamed live through YouTube, it can be tricky. If you haven't heard the announcements start by 8:12, then drag the red progress bar back to "rewind" the announcements. If you don't get to listen to announcements, that's fine too.

After announcements please submit lunch count electronically here. Lunch sticks are near the flags. Dalilah can count the sticks for you.

Also, please send attendance to the office at 10am. Obnoxious bell will sound and students usually help remind. DO NOT TAKE ATTENDANCE BEFORE 10am. Please put a checkmark next to the student's name if he/she is in the room and an "A" if not. Sign and date at the top. Dalilah can take the to the office for you.

Emergency folder is magnetized under the light switch.

Students do not have assigned seats, with one exception being Logan. He will sit at the desk closest to you.

Several students will be pulled throughout the day to go to resource, speech, etc. Just go with the flow of who you have left. :)

Students may use the wobble chairs and bounce ball. They must ask you first. Rules are: Wobble chair-no 360s; bounce ball- one foot on the floor at all times. You may choose to say no to both of these seating options or take them away at any point.

Out typical schedule is below.

Student Accommodations

Please read this ASAP! Do not project on screen in front of students... obviously.

Additionally, Gabriel is still fairly new to us; he was homeschooled before. He is an interesting personality; super funny. :) Often times he will make a comment that comes across as rude, but it isn't intended to. For example, if you say "Make sure you're standing straight in line." He may respond with "We are in a line." Again, he is not trying to be rude, just observing. Also, he isn't a morning person. He should not be a student that signs "the book" today.

Please, please, please call the office if you have a behavior problem, not my teammate.

If anything major happen you may also use the walkie talkie to ask for administration help. Walkie should be on channel 2.

Big image

Conduct and Work Habits

There is a binder on the shelf near the flags. If a student is acting up in the hallway or during transitions, please have him/her sign “the book” under conduct grade. If a students is acting up or not following directions during a lesson or group work, have him/her sign “the book” under work habits.

ROAR-Intervention Time 8:15-8:50am

Students will be pulled from the room to work with other teachers. Once one teacher pokes her head in the room I usually just say to the kids "go where you go."

I've been letting students choose between Think Through Math, Raz Kids, or just reading. You may do this, or you can let them play math folder games in pairs. Whatever you want. The folder games can be found on the top shelf to the left of the bulletin board. there are four colorful boxes of them.

Recess 9:00-9:15

If it is nice, then take the kids out. You can coordinate with Bowman. You must take the walkie outside, channel 2. When you go out, walkie the office and let them know.

Indoor, students can play board games, draw, or get on technology. Logan and Anthony O. are not allowed on technology for free time when a sub is here. Please remind them.

Feel free to stay outside longer if you so desire.

Specials and Lunch

10:55-11:45 Specials schedule below. Students can help.

When you pick students up from specials, walk students back in the direction of the classroom. Students will go straight to lunch. Some will go into the classroom to grab food. Just kinda hang in the hall while they wash hands and go through the line. Once no students are in the hallway, you may go to lunch.

Pick class up in Cafeteria at 12:20

Take to restroom. Logan and Sergio cannot be in the restroom with other students. They each must wait till all boys are done and go in one at a time alone.

Big image


Please make sure to take names of students misbehaving and contact Bowman or the office if you need assistance.

Be sure to fill in the form online at the bottom of the plans with names and feedback. Thank you!

9:20ish-whenever Writing:

Pass out and read "It's All About Texas: Big Cities!"

Read questions and answer choices, then trade and grade- 20 points each. students can pass down and turn into the writing bin.

Students need to work on their Kahoot! papers if they have not been turned in and graded.

I have graded and passed back some. There are some graded on the desk that you can pass back. These students can work on the laptops to start the digital version or you can send them to the computer lab- check with Mrs. Juarez first, she may not have the room.

**there as some students who are advanced and started this project before others, they will be finishing up their Kahoots! and can help students that are just starting on the computers. All the "how to" stuff is on my YouTube page- students should know how to find this. For you: goo.gl/CAsVJS

If there are not enough laptops/computers, or if students have not received their graded papers, then they may work on their Texas State Symbols book. Or if the computers just become too much. Information for the book is magnetized on the front board.


They will stack the chairs on the desks; it looks dangerous, but they've got it.

These students will tell you that they are going to pick up their siblings and leave the room asap.

-Brenda, Edison, Avent, Hannah, Gabriel, Anthony O., Nathan,

Line up the remaining students: walkers, tags


-Logan, Jayden, Anthony R.

-May or may not be a walker today: Riley

Take the walkie and the rest of the students outside. Melody can show you where. Students will leave as an adult shows up with a yellow tag.

Christian's grandmother usually waits on the other side of the crosswalk. She will hold up her tag and you can release him.

Hope your day wasn't too boring and that my kids were sweet.

Please leave feedback on how the day went by filling out this quick form.