What we did

We,created our own Mano del desierto. We did a rock sign because what it meant to us is that we rocked and were awesome. We also took notes about Mano del desierto that was really interesting.

What we learned

We learned about the amazing salt flats it's about over 3000m above sea level!

The flats, located in Southern Bolivia near the country's Tunupa volcano make up the world's largest salt desert, around 11,000 km sq.

That makes it even larger than Lake Titicaca, the vast stretch of water shared by Bolivia and neighbouring Peru.

What we saw

We saw the salt flats and the interesting mani del desierto that is big and beautiful

What we liked?

What we really liked about this week is that we worked together and learned a lot about the Mano del desierto and the salt flats and the about the 2nd driest place in Earth the Atacama desert.
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