Can Can't Fun


Show me that you can

Ask the students to stand in a circle. Ask them if they can do some unusual activities. Then choose a student who will stand in the middle of the circle and show you if he/she really can.

  1. Can you jump up high?
  2. Can you touch your forehead with your foot?
  3. Can you put your right heel on your left shoulder?
  4. Can you stand on your toes?
  5. Can you talk with your mouth closed?

The Wild Me

Each student gets a different role (penguin, dolphin, seal, sea horse, shell, snake, turtle, frog, parrot, tulip, tree, hippo). They should write sentences about the things they can and can't do.


walk, run, jump, swim, slither, run, fly, talk, sing

Uses of an object

Divide the students into groups. They should write down as many original uses of an object as they can. For example if the object is a cup students might suggest:

You can dig with a cup.

You can use a cup for making sand castles.

The group that can produce most ideas are winners.

Helpful Machines

In pairs students should invent a new machine that will help them in their lives.

For example :

Dinner Machine

It can cook dinner. It can set up the table. It can wash the dishes.

School Machine

It can write homework. It can read books. It can do tests.