Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

By Grace, Madeline, and Nikki

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland was a movie made in 1951 by Lewis Carroll. It was Disney's thirteenth film and was shown in New York City. Web. 13 November 2015.

Characters in Alice in Wonderland at the Tea Party


Mad Hatter

Mad Hare


Tea Set at the Tea Party

Tea Pots

Tea Pot Lids
Tea Cups




Sugar Bowl

Cream Bowl

Carroll, Lewis. 16 Nov 2015. Web.

Food and Drinks in or on the tea set

Foods Included-





Pink and White Birthday Cake


Drinks Included-



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History About Tea Party Etiquette in Alice in Wonderland

In the 19th century etiquette was very important ,and Lewis Carroll seems to rebel in the area of good manners. In Alice in Wonderland there is a mouse in the tea, Alice comes to the tea party uninvited, the dishes aren't washed, the Mad Hatter and the Hare shout the entire time, and they are all resting their elbows on the table. It is thought that Lewis Carroll wrote the Tea Party Scene in such an unruly manner as to voice his opinion on the food investigating that was being done in the era and how he believed that people should not be so uptight during meals. Lewis Carroll even wrote a humorous satire making fun of Victorian etiquette during tea. Writing the tea party scene was his way of voicing his opinion about how unclean food was during his time and how strict people were when it came to etiquette.
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