BY Shannon Ah Van

It was a black dark night there was a black van that drove around Claymore, inside the black van were 5 people who were in it, a boy named Fred, a man named Lorenzo, Lorenzo's best friend Stephan, their helpers Tristan and Ken.

Fred who was driving the van had stopped in the middle of the road on a bridge because he had saw a toddler on the street. Fred was thinking why was a toddler in the middle in the street, so Fred got out of the black van, to ask why the toddler was in the middle of the road when he got to him Fred tapped him on the shoulder and it turned out to be a midget.

The midget asked Fred if he wanted drugs and Fred replied

"no sorry, but...." in the middle of Fred's sentence the midget interrupted he whispered to Fred

"hey kid you should get out of hear immediately before something bad happens...." while the midget was talking to Fred a bus suddenly turn up out of nowhere since it was pitched black no one would've seen it coming they panicked.

The bus was going to hit the midget and Fred but he swerved around and hit the black van and all the people who was in it Lorenzo, Stephan, Tristan and Ken had all fallen off in the black van and into Claymore springs, Fred ran to see if they were okay but they all scattered Fred looked behind him to see if the midget was still there but he ran away when the incident took place.

Fred felt sad that he was all alone he looked down to the ground and heard voices, Fred looked up and saw no one around him, the voice whispered as the wind went past

"Fred follow the sound of the wind". Fred got up and followed the sound of the.

It was so dark that Fred couldn't see anything around him all he did was follow the wind, as he got closer to the voice he saw a light in the middle of the woods and as he went closer he saw a girl who looked like she needed help. Fred walked slowly to her looking around to see if there was anyone watching him, he couldn't help but notice that the girl was quite pretty and that he couldn't take his eyes off her, he was so close to her that it seemed that he was going to kiss her like if it was a fairy tale or a dream.

As Fred got even more closer the girl she woke up, Fred could see how blue her eyes were and fell in love at first sight, so did the girl Fred asked for her name she replied

"My name is Amanda, what is yours"

"My name is Fred, your eyes are so pretty" He said kindly

"Well thank you" She said happily. They held hands and walked back to the crash site where Fred was looking for his father.

Lorenzo and Stephan who were in the black van that fell off the bridge found an area to rest, the place that they were at was very unfamiliar to the place they were recently at. They walked around looking for Fred who didn't care about looking for his father anymore but, was madly in love with Amanda. Lorenzo and Stephan were feeling very hungry but, they didn't have any food on them, they saw a light that had caught their attention with a very delicious smell coming from that way. They walked their together and saw a large table that could probably fit 20 people on it, they could see all the delicious types of food and thought they were in heaven, Stephan who was the hungriest looked around to see if anyone was around after he checked he ran to grab something then...

In a flash of light someone came out that looked like a ghost and started yelling

"You who is touching someone else's property should face the the punish.... *cough cough*". Lorenzo and Stephan both looked for the person who was talking because it seemed that they both found out that the person was being projected, they searched for him and found him up a tree, they thought to themselves when they first saw the man that the projector had did a great job to make him look very scary like a ghost because he was very ugly it seemed that he was an addict to drugs and nearly fell off.

The man said to them

"I must repay my dept to someone, so i can be free"

"And this someone does he or she have a name" Lorenzo asked

"Yes he does and somehow he his related to one of you guys i think his name is...." The man stopped and forgot about what he was about to say

"WHO IS HIS NAME" yelled Stephan

" Oh that's right his name is Peter no wait Paul hold on let me think" he said confused that's when Stephan said

"Is his name Patrick"

"Oh Yes!!! that's it, it is Patrick" the man said happily.
"So how do you know"

"He is my brother" said Stephan. Right then another person came out of the wood it was the midget.

The midget who is Stephan's brother, said he wanted to talk to Stephan about if they can reunite together and leave the past behind Stephan agreed and so did Lorenzo. They all head back to the except for Patrick and Adam the man who was on the tree, since the dept was repaid Adam could leave, when Adam left Patrick tried holding back his tears and stayed strong because Patrick thought of Adam as his own son. When they all gathered at the crash site they felt like they were missing someone and they were, not only one but two it was Tristan and Ken.

It turned out that when the crash happened Tristan and Ken were the luckiest and the most unlucky ones to have found a tavern that no one was in it but, it had a lot of alcohol in there so they drank most of the alcohol there then left a little bit and ran, they ran into a guy who seemed to be wearing an ugly costume. It looked like Shrek mixed with a green fish nut at the same time it seemed real, well the costume me guy asked them to do something and in return they could be rich all they had to do was distract dogs but apparently they were dogs who only get fed once a week so they would need a lot of meat which they don't have well they did but, inside of them.

They both distracted the dogs since Tristan and Ken were both drunk they made themselves in a serious and dangerous situation they were teasing the dogs and made them very angry so just when the costume guy was about to enter the house the dogs broke their chain and ran to him about to bite his leg and he ran for his life they were also chasing Tristan and Ken.

They ran different was Tristan and Ken went one was and the costume guy the other luckily the costume guy looked like food and the dogs chased, when Tristan and Ken both stopped they saw everyone gathered on the crash site, everyone was happily together and left to go home together and they all said what a day.