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May 14 - Essential Smoothie Saturday @ Be Fit Cafe!

Hello Team Jōyful Essentials!

I want to let you know about something exciting. Be Fit Cafe, in Powell, Ohio is officially launching a new menu that incorporates the amazing flavor and benefit of essential oils in their smoothies. Many of you have already enjoyed these awesome smoothies infused with essential oils and loved them. Now you can either choose one of the "Essential Oil Shot Blends", a smoothie with the "suggested oil add in", or unleash your creativity and choose your own essential oil / smoothie combo!

Essential Oil Sample Pack!

Perhaps you received one of these special Essential Oil Sample Packs with your purchase of a Be Fit Cafe gift card, or you are curious about essential oils in smoothies or oils in general as it pertains to your health and wellness. Join me and other oil lovers at the Cafe on Saturday, May 14 for an educational class on the many benefits of essential oils! Don't forget to experience one of the many Essential Oil Smoothies.....you will be glad you did!
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The New Essential Oil "Shot" and Smoothie Menu!

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Essential Oil Educational Class on Essential Smoothie Saturday, May 14!

Why add Essential Oils to smoothies? Why use Essential Oils to support your health and wellness?

This class will be taught by Amanda Haines, a knowledgable essential oil educator who loves people and loves sharing the many benefits of essential oils!!

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