There are lots of different types of equipment used in soccer.One type of equipment in soccer is special shoes called cleats.Cleats have special bumps on the bottom to help your feet stay on the ground. Another thing is the shin guards.Shin guards help protect your shin. Another thing is the socks.The socks are meant to cover up the shin guard.Another thing is

the ball.The ball is made of leather.Another thing is the goal.The goal is made out of metal and the net is made of rope.Lastly are the goalie gloves.The goalie gloves are made out of a sticky type of foam.This is the equipment you need for soccer.


There are lots of moves in soccer.One move in soccer is a pull back.A pull back is where you put the bottom of your foot on the top of the ball and pull back.Another thing is the "L" move.The "L" move is the same as the pull back but you kick the ball to the side your other foot is on.Moves can be complicated.Once you get good with both feet thats how you know

you've mastered that move.


There are three different types of positions in soccer.First is defense.Defense is where two people defend the goal.Next position is forward.Forward is where three players go up to the half line.One of the players goes to the right side of the field.Another player goes to the left side of the field.The last player goes to the center of the field and stays there.
David Beckham scores goal off of a corner kick