Far North

Will Hobbs

Do they survive on the little food they have? Read Far North to find out!

Far North Book Trailer

About the Author

Will Hobbs is an award-winning author of eighteen novels, including Far North, Crossing the Wire, and Go Big or Go Home. Will Hobbs graduated from stanford University with a master of arts in English and now writes full time. Will has won many awards for his books including the California young reader medal, the western writers of America spur award, the mountains and plains Booksellers Award, the Colorado Book Award, and the nominations to state award lists in over 30 states.
“My first hope for my novels is that they tell a good story, that the reader will keep turning the pages and will hate to see the story end. Beyond that, I try to weave lore about the natural world and special places that I know and love into the fabric of my stories. I believe that if kids come to care about and identify with the characters in stories, they will also learn more about, and ultimately care more about, preserving the treasures of our natural world.”—Will Hobbs

Final Reflection

What was the best part of the book?

The best part of the book was definitely the part where they find the log cabin. This part gave hope for the three main characters, this cabin created a warm place to live instead of on the ground.

Why did the author choose to write this book? What was the big lessoned learned?

The author chose to write this book because books like theses teach a lot about survival plus its enjoyable and suspenseful. The big lesson learned is that people need to work hard to acheive goals. Its never going to be easy no matter what it is.

Hunter Heschke