Bruiser -Rae'Dawn Rebert

Characterization Vacation

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Picture that best represents Tennyson:

This represents Tenny to me because he is a tough and brave character. He strongly cares for his family expecially his twin sister Brontë. But in the beginning he would kinda beat on her new boyfriend, Brewster (also known as Bruiser), because he's 's an outcast and everyone thinks he's a phyicopath.

1st Item: His lacrosse stick

I think he would bring one of his lacrosse sticks and ball because he plays in school. I know this because his sister Brontë said "Next time I'll use your lacrosse stick." While hitting him on the shoulder because Tenny was making fun of Brewster. Also in the locker room after practice for lacrosse he sees Brewster and has a little talk with him and sees something on his back. That's when he gets his nick name Bruiser.

2nd item: His family

Even though his family isn't an item I think he would bring them with him. They are the whole reason why this book started, he was protecting his sister from harm that he thought would be Bruiser. As he says "If he touches her ,I swear I'm going to rip out his guts with my bare hands" and "What is my sister thinking? This guy--this looooser--has got no business breathing the same air as her, much less taking her out on a date." I'm positive that he would stay with them so he knows they are protected.

3rd item: Food (nonlikely meats)

Tennyson has always had something for food much more meats and for a big guy there is no way his sister Brontë can talk him out of that one. Brontë has just started a new diet with less carbs and less fats and she attempted to convince Tenny to do the same thing, which didn't work out until Tennyson followed Bruiser home and what he saw... made him sick every time he saw a piece of meat after that. One night Brontë invited Bruiser for dinner when she prepared a big brisket, she saw her twin Tennyson wasn't eating his meat and only ate his asparagus then Bruiser asked "Still not eating meat?" and Tenny replied with "I will eat it when I'm good and ready".

Items Tennyson would bring with him on a vacation~