Welcome to Pioneer Open House!

By Sophia Zhang

Earthquakes PBL

The idea of the project was about "buliding a safe house" with your team for Tony Stark.

Driving Question---How can we, as structual engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?

I learned that working together with a group will help tou work, and I learned some technics for earthquake if it all sudden exist.

30 Hand Project

I learned global warming, climate change and greenhouse effect from the 30 hands project. I enjoy making the pic colleges for the project, it was fun putting together the pictures and words.
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Invention Convention

Me and my partner Leah, we are making a pollinator for flowers, since bees are in trouble, some flower will not be pollinated and it will die, so this thing we invented will help pollinate flowers.

Our invention take heat from the sun and turn it into energy to make the invention work, you just have to set the distance and time for the pollinator, and it will automatically help you pollinate.