FCPS Internet Safety Memo

November 1, 2013


Plans -- I am finishing my checklist of the Overview forms and curriculum plans that each of you submitted. Many of you received emails about minor things, such as the number of students, but a couple of you still need to turn in important documents. If I have requested additional information from you, I need that right away.

iSafe Training and New Coordinators -- if you are a new coordinator this year who is using any part of iSafe, you must complete the training and submit the certificate to me.

Deadline -- don't forget that Internet Safety instruction for students must be completed in December.


Police Arrest Man Accused of Sending Sexual Messages to Ninth Grader -- this piece is just informational for you. I wouldn't share it with students because he's a local person who may have family members in school. However, notice that he admits he knew the child's age.

Zero to Eight: Children's Media Use in America 2013 -- while this infographic doesn't directly pertain to Internet Safety, the increase in usage reflects the importance of the task we have of educating students on safety.