(By Ridmi)

Indonesian Facts

  • Indonesia is in South-east Asia
  • The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.
  • There is about 250,000,000 people in Indonesia. It is the fourth most popular place.
  • The main currency is Indonesian rupiah
  • The national animal is the Komodo dragon
  • Indonesia has lots of nice beaches, and has lots of volcanoes and jungles.
  • Some of the animals found in the jungle are elephants, tigers are Komodo dragons
  • Most of the people in Indonesia are Muslim, but in Bali, there are Buddhists and Christians
  • The most popular sport is Badminton. Football is also popular, but mostly Badminton

Some of the tourist attractions

Lake Toba- A volcanic lake about 10 km long and 30 km wide. The water is warm, so you can swim and relax.

Tanjung Puting National Park-There are boat rides to look at the animals and you can visit the research centres. The most famous one is the orang-utan. But the park is threatened by forest clearing.

Mount Bromo-It is an active volcano. It is 2,329 metres (7,641 feet). It is the most well known peak in Indonesia.

Bunaken-It is one the most famous snorkelling areas. You can see lot of fish, around 70% that live in the western Pacific Ocean.

Komodo National Park-The park is named after the most largest living reptile that can be 3 metres long and can weigh over 70 kilograms.