Chistapher Columbous

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Early life background information

  • born in Genoa in about 1451
  • He died-May 20, 1506
  • got a job as a merchant on a ship
  • remained at sea until 1470
  • when privateers attacked his ship, the boat sank but he
    floated to shore on some wood, and made his way to Lisbon, where he studied mathematics, astronomy, cartography and navigation.
  • He also began to hatch the plan that would change the world forever.
  • He supported himself by selling maps and charts
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Christapher Columbous Acheivements

  • accidentally stumbled upon the Americas.

  • Columbus found land previously unknown to the Europeans

  • Columbus introduced European ideas to the Americas
  • Columbus brought Christianity with him
  • Columbus introduced technology to the natives
  • Columbus used a sand glass to time the speed of the ship

  • He wrote 2 books

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Impact on the World Today

  • Christopher Columbus discovered the coast of North America.
  • He also discovered the West Indies and Central America.
  • He discovered the Bahamas, Cuba, and Haiti.
Christopher Columbus - Mini Biography