Tidal Energy

Mark Martin and Dimond Witcher

Description of Tidal Energy

Tidal energy plants capture the energy in the changing tides. A low dam (barrage), is built across an inlet. The barrage has one-way gates that lets incoming flood tide enter the inlet. When the tide turns, the water flows out of the inlet through huge turbines built into the barrage, and then it produces electricity.

Renewable or Nonrenewable?

Tide Energy is a renewable energy source

Major Use:

Generate electricty

3 Useful facts :

  • It could lower construction costs.

  • Increase output.

  • Protect the environment.

Environmental impact:

  • The tidal energy plants have reported no major environmental problems.
  • In United States there is only a few places where tidal energy could be produced economically.


In 2012, Maine had the country's first commercial tidal power system connected to the grid. It is at the Bay of Fundy and it could eventually power 2,000 homes. The oldest and largest tidal plant (LaRance in France) has been producing electricity since 1966.