Chicken Pox



The symptoms of Varicella is fever, headache, soar throat, and stomach ache. The symptoms will normally last for only a few days.


Through contact with an affected host or through airborne transmission

Immune Cells Involved

The Immune cells involved are Macrophages, Neutropils, Dendritic, Mast cells, Basophils and Natural Killer cells

Virus Replication

Varicella Latch onto cells for reproduction. The virus goes through the lytic cycle. The virus will attack cells and force the cell to replicate, also replicating the virus


There is no way to get rid of Chicken Pox, but to make some pain go away you can use Anti-Itch Creme, Benedryl, Tylenol and Moisturizer


To prevent Chicken Pox you can either get a vaccine or once you have gotten chicken pox, you won't get it again.

More Symtoms

More symptoms includes red itchy rashes, Blister-like red spots, Fatigue and Loss of appatite