Mrs. Bartley's Class News


What have we been learning in Rm 22?

In writing we are still working really hard on conventions, like capitalization and punctuation. We just recently completed a writing peace based off of the book Grumpy Cat. Everyone wrote a story about something that makes them grumpy. These turned out so good, and very interesting! I can't wait to share this with you at parent teacher conferences.

In reading we are working on building our reading stamina. We talked a lot about what it looks like to do "real reading" so that we get the most out of our books. With that, we are trying to building our reading stamina. About once a week I will set a timer and we see how long everyone in class can do real reading. We set a goal of 25 minutes. So far, our best day has been 10 minutes. We are on our way!!

Math has made the switch to new and difficult concepts. We are working currently on stacking and adding and stacking and subtracting. We are learned two really cool analogies. For stacking and adding, if our ones equals more than 10 we have to move over to Art's Apartment. For subtraction, we are using wrestling world. If the top number is smaller (and can't hold down) than the bottom number, the ones place has to ask for help from the tens. Talking to your student about this and reviewing the concept would be incredibly helpful as we move forward!!

Important Dates/ Events Coming up this week:

DON'T FORGET!!!- 10/2: (FRIDAY) Picture Day!!! The envelope for money is coming home today. Please make sure that gets returned by picture day

Each month I will choose a Pirate of the Month. It will be the student who best displays that month's character trait. September was self discipline. I chose Braydon Wilson!! He will eat lunch with Mrs. Biondo and will be recognized at our Pride Assembly.

Lunch Choices for this week will be:


Tuesday: beef and cheese nachos/ grilled cheese

Wednesday: chicken parm/ BBQ rib sandwich

Thursday: cheeseburger/ meatball sub

Friday: cheese pizza/ chicken pot pie

Special Class Schedule

Monday: PE

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: PE

Friday: Art

School Wide Behavior- PBIS

As we begin to wind down from all of the excitement of the beginning of the school year it would be a perfect time to review school and classroom expectations with your student each night. Our goal is that teaching and revisiting our high expectations will help students be successful. In our classroom talking out and disruptions continue to be our area of struggle. We read the book My Mouth is a Volcano. This was a great visualization for the students and how blurting out affects our class as a whole.