Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen


Elizabeth Bennet the protagonist of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is shown as independent and clever although sometimes her witty ways and stubborn attitude can get her into a bit of trouble. Elizabeth's sense of independence leads her to make her own decisions like falling in love with Darcy Fitzwilliam the son of a wealthy well-established family. Darcy is often characterized as rude and obnoxious especially when he refused to dance with Elizabeth that is why Elizabeth refused him when he proposed to her the first time. Later in the story Elizabeth came to realize that Darcy was not all that bad and at his second proposal to her she said yes. Elizabeth's older sister Jane Bennett is seen as a proper young lady, the perfect wife. Jane marries Charles Bingley Darcy's wealthy best friend. They are both very similar character which makes them the perfect fit for each other. Furthermore they are both cheerful, friendly, and always think the best of others. Mr.Bennet the husband of Mrs. Bennet and father Jane , Elizabeth , Lydia, Kitty and Mary. He is often tired by his wife and children and withdraws from difficult family decisions often letting his family down. He is also closest with his daughter Elizabeth because they are both the most intelligent Bennets. Mrs.Bennet is a noisy and foolish character. Her only desire is to see her children married.

Do I pan it or praise it ?

I pan and praise Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen because i enjoyed some parts of the book but i dislike other parts. I thought that the beginning was extremely slow and was hard to understand due to the fact that the story took place in the 1700's. The characters also spoke different then we do now for example " They attacked him in various ways ; with barefaced questions, ingenious suppositions, and distant surmises; but he eluded the skill of them all; and they were at last obliged to accept the second hand intelligence of their neighbor, Lady Lucas" ( pg. 11). The most enjoyable part of this book in my opinion was the ending i enjoyed seeing all the girls married with the right guys for them. Overall i thought Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen was an enjoyable book to read.
Pride and Prejudice - Darcy proposal
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