Mount Everest History and Legends

By Emma Kellogg


Mount Everest's name in Tibet is Mount Jomoglangmari, which means "mother of the earth". Most Chinese people call it Mount Qomolanga. Westerners call it Mount Everest in honor of George Everest, an Indian director who guided his team so they could measure the height of Mount Everest when Nepal was occupied by Britain. On May 28, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first people who made it to the summit. In 1996, 12 people died trying to climb the mountain, killing a lot more people than in years before. Some sources say that in 2012, there were more people that died than in 1996.


There is a Tibetan legend about a goddess named Tshering Mchelndga who lived in Mount Everest. Also, there are many, many, stories about the Yeti. People say that they have seen him, and also that he kills people.