#intentional Times

for the week of March 21, 2016

this week's events

3rd grade starts SBA testing for ELA - Good Luck!
- 2:30-3:00ish All Staff Meeting - Emergency Procedures/Discipline
3:00ish-4:00ish ILT Meeting (library) - Math Assessment Analysis

Conference Week Meetings

We will still hold PD Sessions in the morning the week of conferences. We did this in the fall and it worked. GLTs during your grade level's planning time will be cancelled for that week. Please let admin or your IF know if you have questions.

The SBA Pep Rally was a hit! Thank you George for helping make it happen.

#intentional Next Steps

I was able to attend a kinder GLT this week in which they were analyzing an assessment. It was so great to see every team member with an individual "Here's What" ready for the meeting. Each teacher also had very detailed information about the number of students making similar mistakes, including their names. The level of detail was in every column!

This lead to an efficient team analysis and then to planning for next steps.
I am not able to make it to every grade level's analyses so you may already be doing this. If you are not, please consider make this adjustment to how your team analyzes data. It isn't meant to add work to your plate, just a way to make sure you are intentionally analyzing and adjusting your instruction based on data. If you need examples or would like support, please see an IF and admin.

Upcoming PD Session/GLT agenda items

If you haven't already, please include the following topics on your upcoming agendas:
  • Revisiting Struggling Readers Plans (created in January using the Architecture of Teaching worksheet) - how are students progressing based on instruction from plan based on data? What adjustments need to be made now?
  • Writing plans with an intentional ELP focus - how are students doing with the language portion of the plan?
If your IF is unable to attend the meeting you are discussing these, please supply minutes of the meeting. This information will be shared during upcoming Admin/IF meetings.

Other school wide initiatives that could be addressed by the team include:

  • Research and inquiry plans - how are these activities going? Remember, the minimum requirement set by Mrs. Lucero was one per unit
  • Collaborative Conversations - how effectively are precision partners working together? how are the Partner Talk Posters being used currently? how are we addressing ELP 2 daily?

March's potluck in Thursday - sign up poster is in the lounge!

Weekly Reflection

I stumbled across this on Facebook the other night and thought how appropriate. Think to yourself: What I am doing to help my students flourish? What adjustments to my instruction, materials, strategies, small groups, etc. to meet the student where they are in order to get them to where they need to be? Do I need support with this?