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Principal's Pen

Scott Family,

This has been another busy week at Scott Elementary. We are so fortunate to work with your children on a daily basis. The weekly Mini Pack provides us an opportunity to share a snapshot of the amazing things happening here each week.

This past week I had the privilege of attending the Frisco Education Foundation Scholarship Night. I watched the highlights of the outstanding students we have representing this district. I started thinking of the remarkable educators that continue to make an impact daily throughout FISD. In the busy world in which we live, it is easy to take for granted the lasting impact we have on our children, students, and one another.

We appreciate each of you allowing our Scott staff to be a small part of your child's life!

Also, a HUGE SHOUT OUT to our Coaches for organizing Field Day (it rocked!!!), our volunteers for their endless support (we couldn't have done it without you!!) and our many spectators! Lots of FUN happened here at Scott TODAY! Stay tuned for lots of Thank you's and pictures next week!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Paige and Leanne

Shout OUT to everyone who donated books to support Wylie ISD!

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A BIG Thank You to Girl Scout Troop 7323 from Gunstream Elementary!

They donated summer reading books to many of our Scott readers! We appreciate you!

Shout Out to all our Volunteers! We appreciate all you do!

Join us as we Welcome Mrs. Moore back on Monday!

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3rd Grade Shark Tank

A HUGE Shout OUT to our Alphabest Dancers-Emelyn Johnson, Alexandra Versteeg, Ava Partee, Pranavi Sridhar, Lily Morrison, Kenadee Duncan, Leah Walker, Sayna and Savannah hill, Belize and Eliza Duran, Asia Rainwater, and Amber Cruse!

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Second Grade and the Economics Fair

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Updates and Reminders

Morning Drop-off:

  • Please DO NOT drop off your children in the middle of Millbend Drive. The only drop-off allowed in the mornings is around the back of the school in the FIRST carpool lane. We have had numerous parents allowing their children to hop out of the car on Millbend and run across the street. This is extremely dangerous and cannot happen; your children's safety is our #1 concern.
  • The speed limit for carpool lanes is 10 miles per hour.

Parking on Campus: Please do not park in the fire lanes at any time including lunch or Celebrate Scott.

Texting/Calls: It is against the law to use a phone in an active school zone. Please refrain from texting in/around the school.

Bikes on Campus: Students must walk their bikes/scooters on school grounds. We have had some near misses with student safety because of bike riders nearly running into other students or failing to stop at the crosswalk. Again, your child's safety is always our #1 concern.

Birthday Parties/Class Parties: Per Frisco ISD, elementary students may only bring items for distribution to classmates on the three party days: Winter Party, Valentine’s Day and end of year celebration. In addition, students issuing invitations to individual birthday parties or other celebrations may only do so at school if all students in the homeroom class are invited. These birthday invitations must be passed out at the end of the day with permission from the teacher.