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May 13, 2015


Congratulations to Sheridan Blanco for having her poem selected as a winner in the Poetry of Place Competition.

Sheridan was asked to read her poem at the State Capitol Building on May 1.

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Students Chosen for Harmony

By Victoria Schwartz

Eight freshmen were recently chosen for Harmony. These students include Carlee Brester, Carsyn Long, Paige Peterson, Nathan Prohs, Lance Garcia, and Tyler Pszanka.

Jakob Wolfe and Nick Watkins are part of the Instrumentalists that were also chosen.Wolfe is playing the guitar and Watkins is playing the bass.

The choir students just recently had their choir concert on May 1 where all kids participated to put on a concert for their final grade.

GJHS and GFA Girls Make Dance Team

By Jessie Svoboda

Gering High School Dance Team Practices were held from April 24-29. They were open for any one going into 9-12 grades for the 2015-16 school year.

The practices were every day for 1 to 2 hours.

The tryouts were May 3 and they found out that day.

The GHS Dance Team girls are Sydny Ridgeway, Sheridan Blanco, Jenna Hastings, Megan Maser, and Alaina Millay.

Track Is Coming to an End

By Juana Perez

Track season has drifted by us and is coming to an end. Coach Plummer is really proud of Christian Arellano, Ricky Saenz, and Noah Vogel for showing what they got.

Xavier Arellano and Victoria Schwartz have the possibilities of going to State track and placing in the top 10, according to Coach Plummer.

He wants his track members to be aware that it will be a busy weak and they need to keep updated.

Tech Talk: Communicating With Friends over the Summer

By Sydny Ridgeway

Now that the school year is winding down to a close, students are frolicking to get their friends social media usernames in order to communicate over the summer. So, what are the sites that everybody will be on this summer?

According to, there are many good social media sites to use in order to keep in contact with your friends, such as Twitter and Instagram.

There’s also been a new rage on a few new social media apps and websites this year, such as Snapchat. Snapchat is an app where you can take a photo of something and send it to another person. Sounds easy, right? Well, there’s a time limit. You can only see the photo for up to 10 seconds, which makes everybody love the app.

A few websites that are in the limelight and not very many people use, however if they do, they are obsessed, are websites like Tumblr or Wattpad. Tumblr is an app where you can post basically anything you want anywhere you want. Wattpad is an app more for the readers. It’s an app where you can read other people’s stories, or even write your own.

Social media is a good way to communicate with others when you haven’t seen them, or just don’t know where they’re at. These apps and websites are good to use, just be careful in how you’re using them.

Weyrich Says Goodbye

By Dawson Johns

As the year comes to a close, Mr. Weyrich has started to say his goodbyes. Weyrich plans to leave the Gering Freshman Academy to pursue a career at Scottsbluff.

“Most days I don’t want to leave,” said Weyrich.

Weyrich taught 26 years as a math teacher, and has been an assistant principal at the Freshman Academy for 4 years. Scottsbluff plans for Weyrich to be an assistant principal at the middle school.

“I love the Freshman Academy, and all of its students,” said Weyrich.

Junior High Student Council Says Goodbye to Mrs. Kleager

By Ashley Maschmeier

Student Council has wrapped up final plans as the end of the year is here.

The Junior High StuCo will say goodbye to Mrs. Kleager who sponsored Student Council for 15 years.

“I am very thankful StuCo allowed me the opportunity to build student relationships in a more casual relaxed setting. Retirement is bittersweet. I thank God for letting me be with kids for 21 years, but now it’s time to close one door and open a new one,” said Mrs. Kleager.

She gives the Gering Junior High her best wishes as they both will start in a different direction.

Gering Publications Team

Sydny Ridgeway, Juana Perez, Kaetlyn Todd, Brittney Spreier, Victoria Schwartz, Ethan Gompert, Dawson Johns, Carlie Sides, Erika Farret, Ashley Maschmeier, Delaney Dean, Jessie Svoboda, and Karina Clark