the dream city

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New York is a fun city!
The center of the world and a very multicultural city,it`s a melting pot where there is a lot to see.
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New York is

the city of center of the world.
have beautiful skyscrapers
the food is very big and delicious
have a beautiful monuments a visite (statue of liberty, centrale park...)
melting pots.
more crowed than Paris
bigger than Paris
more expensive than Paris
more popular than Paris
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one day in New York

you should go to visit the Statue of Liberty.It is the most famous monument in New York. It very tall and made of copper. The statue of liberty was designed by Gustave Effel, a french man, it is situated at the tip of Ellis Island. THen you could relaxe in centrale park. It is huge park in the city.In the everning, you should see broadway and go to a misical .it s not very sheep but it is worthit ,on broadway ,there are lights. it s crowed ,it s quite lively and very famous for night life.
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The american food is a very good deal!
the food is BIG and delicious.
For me the ideal menu is:
-giantburger of pure lean beef or turkey burger
-danish pastry or cheesecake topped with blueberries
and for finish one coffe.
New York - Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]