Skulls and Roses

Drawing the Human Skull and Some Pretty Flowers



  • Learn how to draw the human skull (the underpinning of the human face), which will help me in upcoming projects
  • Learn how to draw a rose through a method of my choice
  • Combine my skull drawing with rose drawings to create a unified pencil drawing with shading
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As we move into our unit on Dias de los Muertos we will be looking at the human skull to help us with upcoming projects. For this assignment you will need to draw a skull with roses around it. Compose this any way you would like. Use pencil and make sure to shade with a variety of values. Below you will find resources to help you with this assignment.

This video by Proko is an inspiring illustration of the skull. Notice his methods and see if you can try some in your drawing.

Draw a Skull - Halloween Special


Here are links to some basic methods of drawing the skull. Looking at a photo, or even a halloween plastic skull, if you have one laying around, could help too...
How to Draw an Open Rose