Fuel for Success

Skyline Juniors Athletes


Our athletes spend countless hours, hard work, and a tremendous sacrifice to prepare their bodies and their talents to play at the highest level at their age. If we enter a weekend prepared to compete, but we do not fuel our bodies then all the sacrifice, time and hard work may be wasted.

Pre-competition meals and snacks are what provide the nutrients and sustainability energy needed for performance. Pre-competition should be composed mainly of Low Glycemic complex carbohydrates and lean proteins, with a small amount (small yet necessary) of fat. Carbohydrates provide the energy needed to compete. Your choices should come from low glycemic easy to digest carbohydrates.


- DO not introduce new foods to your child the day of an event or even the day before (last thing you want is an upset stomach from digestion issues and that cause bloating, fatigue, and being uncomfortable)

-Do not eat high fiber salads or other foods since they may cause Digestion issues.

-Do not introduce new foods you have never eaten: potential digestion issues

-Do not eat carbs by themselves/always with protein

- Do not snack on just veggies since they are just fillers: free foods

- Do not allow your athlete to drink or eat any foods higher than 20% sugar.

- Do not drink Gatorade straight. Mix it in equal parts water.

- Do not consume dairy or gluten if it can be avoided for the next couple weeks for a better performing athlete and lighter, leaner physique.

- Do not "Wing it"- Failure to be prepared is the number 1 reason athletes and others fail to reach their goals.

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Example Meal Options

BALANCE your Carbs and Proteins and include a small amount of Fats.

All athletes should have snacks in their bag at all times. Be prepared for emergencies where you are hungry, need fuel and there is nothing for you to eat…. Always have something in your bag for practices and tournaments.

Breakfast Carbs:

1. Steel Cut Oats/Rolled Oats ¼ cup-1/2 cup: for taste, mix with peanut butter, honey, raisins, or brown sugar OR

2. Whole Wheat Toast with 1 tbsp peanut butter/almond butter, low sugar jelly or honey OR

3. Pancakes or Waffles (whole wheat, buckwheat, or Gluten Free)

Breakfast Protein:

1. Egg Whites ¾-1 ½ cup liquid or 6-12 egg whites or 3-6 whole eggs OR

2. 3-6oz of Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Lean Beef OR

3. 7.5 – 15oz Fage Greek Yogurt

Breakfast Fats:

1. Peanut Butter, Almond Butter (1 tbsp) OR

2. Almonds-6, Peanuts 10, sesame seed 1tbsp, 4 pecan halves, 5 walnut halves OR

3. Guacamole 2 tbsp, 1/8 avocado OR

4. Mayo 1 tsp, Miracle Whip 2 tsp

Approved Lunch and Dinner items during Competition:

Please slowly begin introducing some of the below items into your competition meals and snacks. There are other good items. Remember to BALANCE your Carbs and Proteins and include a small amount of Fats.

- Rice (brown or white)

- Potatoes (sweet or red)

- Wraps with Turkey, tuna or chicken (Whole Wheat or Gluten Free bread)

- Sandwiches with Turkey, tuna or chicken (Whole Wheat or Gluten Free)

- Hard Boiled Eggs

- Fage Greek Yogurt

- Peanut Butter Sandwich (can add honey or low sugar jelly)

- Pasta 1cup

- Quinoa ½ -2/3 cup

- Beans ½ -2/3 cup

- 3-6 oz of Chicken or Turkey

· You can add mayo packets for sandwiches or wraps