KP Monday Memo

January 25 - Week 24

Things Noticed

There were so many things of note, BUT the only thing that mattered was how our community supported one another.

Upcoming Events


  • 25th - Grade Due in Power School - 12pm
  • 25th - Dinner and Math Night
  • 26th - Check sheets due - 12pm
  • 27th - Report Cards Distributed
  • 27th - UA Progress Reports Due
  • 27th - Team Leaders - Full
  • 27th - CSI - Collaborative Inquiry
  • 28th - KP/Hall Strings Pyramid Concert - 7pm
  • 29th - Algebra Midterms - 8 to 10am
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Cafeteria Staffing Changes

On Friday, we bid farewell to Laurie Ferreira our KP Cafeteria Manager who served students and staff for 17+ years. She will be joining the staff at Conard High School as their Cafteria Manager. We wish her the best. While we will miss her, we are happy that she will continue to serve students and staff of West Hartford Public Schools.

Starting on Monday, Lisa Davis, from Conard, will start as KP's Cafeteria Manager.

Faculty Handbook Refresher

Attendance, Staff

Sign Out During School Hours: When a staff member must leave the building for any reason, the staff member must sign out and back in upon return on the white board located in the office.

If a staff member becomes ill during the school day or needs to leave for some kind of emergency, the staff member must contact the building principal to discuss the request before leaving. This procedure must be followed even if coverage is not required.

Personal Absences: Requests for personal days must be made on the proper form (available in the office). All personal day forms should be submitted to the building principal for the required signature, and then they will be submitted to the Business/Budget Administrator for approval. Approval should be requested prior to the date the leave is needed, whenever possible.

Professional Absences: Staff may be granted authorized absences to attend professional conferences and activities. Requests for professional days must be made on the proper form (available in the office). All professional absence forms must be submitted to the building principal at least two weeks in advance. Failure to do so may result in a denial of the request due to the burden it creates on uncovered classrooms. The form will be forwarded to the department supervisor for signature, and then to the business office for processing.

Substitutes and Substitute Lesson Plans: When a teacher knows in advance of their absence, the school office and AESOP should be notified as far in advance as possible. When an absence is unplanned it should be logged in AESOP as soon as possible, and no later than 7:00AM in order to secure a substitute for that day.

All teachers are required to have a completed substitute folder on file in the office, including emergency lessons plans. The school office and team leader should be contacted before the start of the school day to provide lesson plans. If none are sent before the start of the school day, the substitute will use the plans in your emergency folder. Over the course of the school year, substitute folders must be kept current in terms of updated class lists, new emergency lesson plans, etc.

If an unplanned absence is to be for longer than one day, please contact our office before the close of the school day (2:50PM) so that we can attempt to provide consistency by retaining the same substitute for the length of your absence.

All substitute/coverage decisions are made by administration or their designee.

"It Matters"

Please help us raise funds for the Cairn Garden in remembrance of Paul Duquette by ordering an "It Matters" t-shirt. The deadline is Friday, January 29th. Contact Erin Rauseo for additional order forms or if you have any questions.

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Wellness News

Passing of the Rocks

Stacey Grindle is passing the Staff Wellness Rock on to Erin Rauseo for being a constant source of sanity in an otherwise hectic environment. Beyond being an amazing educator and taking care of the needs of her students, when difficult situations arise for staff members, Erin is the glue that keeps us all together. Her calm nature and great sense of humor are comforting to us all. Thank you for everything you do for KP, Erin!

Danelia Brown is passing the Community Engagement Rock to Jennifer Bhatia. Jennifer can frequently be seen helping students in classrooms. She has established relationships with both staff and students throughout the building. Jennifer has helped other students to create bonds with several of the Special Needs student"s in the building. She creates opportunities for including all students such as monitoring Tuesday lunch gatherings and has also facilitated the gatherings outside of school. Jennifer is the true meaning of community.

The Student Success Rock is being passed to the School Counselor and Clinical team. Thank you for providing ongoing support for students (and staff members) along with a space of support during very difficult few days.

You're a GEM

  • Lauri Ferreira from the KP School Community for your 17+ years of service to the students and staff at KP. Thank you for caring in so many ways. We wish you great things at Condard.
  • Amethyst Team, from colleague Johannah Kosienski, for coming to my and my students' aid when my classroom flooded last week.
  • Sue Martucci, from colleague Johannah Kosienski, for insisting on covering my last bus duty before I go on maternity leave.
  • Cindy Rodriguez, from the Ruby team colleagues, for her continued hard work in improving the reading comprehension skills for a specific student on our team through her program. As this student's reading comprehension continues to improve and strengthen so will her overall confidence and ability as a learner.
  • Branden Steben, from administration, school counselors and the clinical team, for commanding the triage center that both provided a space for students to express their sadness and to gain support from one another along with directing students for specific counseling support.
  • To the KP Staff from colleague Joy Wright for making me feel fulfilled as a leader through your efforts at support and connection as you valued the feelings of one another and the contribution of Wendy and Laurie to our school community.

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