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The Latest Happenings in the Argos School Library

Karen Land, Iditarod Musher, to Visit Argos Elementary

Karen Land, newspaper columnist, writer, oral historian, and three-time participant in the 1,150 mile Iditarod Sled Dog Race across Alaska, will be visiting Argos School with one of her sled dogs, Noggin, to give a dog mushing presentation. She will be speaking in the Argos School auditorium at 1:30 PM on March 21, 2017. This event is sponsored by and made possible through the Argos Old Gold Club and the Argos Friends of the Library.

Argos Wins WSBT's I Love to Read Challenge!

By the Numbers: Library Statistics

Have you ever wondered how the library is being used? Here's a look at the library traffic for the last couple of months.

January 2017

• Total number of checkouts: 1,539

• Books borrowed through Argos Public Library: 13

February 2017

• Total number of checkouts: 1,540

• Books borrowed through Argos Public Library: 14

Additionally, each week, the library hosts 18 classroom visits. While in the library, elementary students listen to 2-3 stories read by Mrs. Jones, and are then allotted time to find and checkout library books.

Thank You For Supporting the Book Fair!

Our annual Scholastic Book Fair was held from November 28th to December 2nd in the school library. On December 1st, we had a fun-filled Family Night with games, contests, and drawings. The theme for the Book Fair was the Bookaneer Book Fair, a pirate theme. Below are a few pictures from the pirate photo booth, as well as the winner of the guessing game. Hunter, a 4th grader, was the closest to guess how much pirate gold was in the jar. He won a bag of chocolate pirate gold. All profits from the Book Fair go directly to purchasing books for the school library. Thank you to everyone who purchased from the Book Fair to make it such a great success. Also, a huge thank you to my awesome student and adult volunteers for the support! I couldn't have put on the Book Fair without your help! Hope to see you all next year again at the Book Fair!

Book Review: Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse

Review from Laura Jones,

The story takes place in Amsterdam in 1943. Hanneke is a brave, young Dutch girl with nothing much else to lose, having recently lost her true love, Bas, to the war, as well as her best friend Elspeth. She supports her mother and crippled father working for a funeral director. What she actually does for Mr. Kreuk, however, is locate and deliver items found on the black market, items such as chocolate, cigarettes, and extra meat which have become scarce during the war efforts. As German soldiers roam the streets in her village and Jewish families are rounded up all around her, Hanneke's courage shines. She becomes skilled at tricking the soldiers so they let her pass without any trouble. Her small acts of rebellion against Nazis and Hitler, though done mostly in secret, provide a small measure of satisfaction to combat the immense grief she struggles with daily.

One day, during a routine delivery to an older woman names Mrs. Janssen, Hanneke's is asked to help locate a missing girl in a blue coat, named Mirjam. She was hiding in Mrs. Janssen's cellar since her family was transported and killed by German soldiers, but has recently turned up missing. The problem is that the girl is Jewish, and if Hanneke is caught helping a Jewish girl, she will also be sent away or worse. As Hanneke searches in secret, with the help of some members of an underground resistance group including Bas's brother Ollie, she finds out that the girl in the blue coat either doesn't want to be found, or that she may not be the girl Hanneke is searching for after all. Is it worth risking lives to locate one missing Jewish girl, when so many Jewish people are being rounded up like livestock and sent to uncertain death? Hanneke gave Mrs. Janssen her word, and she will not stop until she finds Mirjam, the girl in the blue coat.

This is a coming-of-age novel with so much going on. There are stories of Jewish babies and young children who are rescued by brave resistance workers, much like Hanneke's friend, Mina, as their families are taken to concentration camps. There is hope, even in the most dire circumstances, and there is love between family, and between best friends. The author has done a beautiful job bringing light to a portion of history which should always be remembered. Overall, Girl in the Blue Coat is a wonderful story, for which you won't be disappointed. My only disappointment is that it had to end.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss's birthday is on March 2nd. Students at Argos Elementary School will be celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday and Read Across America day on March 24th. There will be special high school guest readers in the elementary classrooms and elementary students will have the opportunity to dress like their favorite Dr. Seuss character.

Book Face Photo Contest

Students and staff are invited to take a Book Face photo using a book found in the school library and email or share it to Mrs. Jones ( by Friday, March 10th. The best photo in each category wins a prize! Below is a video of some of the creative entries turned in so far. Have fun!

These Books are Hot, Hot, Hot!

The top 10 books checked out so far this school year:

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

3. Sisters

4. Smile

5. Ghosts

6. Minecraft Essential Handbook

7. ABC: The Alphabet from the Sky

8. Amulet: Prince of the Elves

9. The Babysitters Club: Kristy's Great Idea

10. The Babysitters Club: Mary Anne Saves the Day

Quiet Coloring Station Now in the Library

Need a place to de-stress for a few minutes? Check out the library's quiet coloring area. Coloring sheets and colored pencils are provided. Please be respectful and responsible by cleaning up the area before you leave and letting Mrs. Jones know when an item needs to be replenished or replaced.
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