A llama, you most likely have not heard this word a lot each day. Well now you are standing in front of one,almost touching it, feeling it and don't know a lot about it, well now you are about to know what this 6 foot colossal animals can do. The uses of the llamas,the types of a llama,the characteristics of a llama is the some of the things you will be reading about.

The Uses of a Llama

What are llamas used for? you might ask. Well they are used for many different things. Did you ever think that a llama can be a guard? Farmers with sheep put llamas in by the sheep.the llamas well get used to the sheep after a couple of day according to (Dr. William L. Franklin and Kelly J. Powell, Iowa State University). Farmers are noticing that llamas are having less sheep losses them other animals they had to guard their animals.Another thing that a lot people use llamas for is carrying and holding things. They pack their llamas with things they want to bring along. Did you know llama can hold up to 1/4 of their body weight,but if you pack a llama a too much then they llama will refuse to move. People also use them for wool, fabrics, rugs, fopes and many other things.Another thing that some people do with there llamas is cart driving with their llama just for fun and enjoying their llama.

The Characteristics

A furry animal that is so cool... but what is it? Where did it come from? and how is it used and why did it do that? If you are wondering all about a llama Uses,types,characteristics then you have came to the right place to become amazed on what these animals can do.

Why do llamas spit? Do they do it for fun? Is it because they are mad? They do not like you? Well llamas spit when they are annoyed,threatened or they are just angry. Most llamas only spit at other llamas but mostly likely not at humans. The average that a llama can spit is about 10 to 15 feet .Did you know that the furthest a llama have spit is 18 feet! How do you know if a llama is about to spit at you? The llama will put its ears back but if challenged more it will put its ear back even more and tilt its head up. Then it will Often as a final warning a llama will spit into the air to make the llama or person to back off, after the llama may spit directly on who is making it mad or threaten.There are 3 different types of spit.One is a grain spit, a saliva spit, and a green stomach contents spit. The grain spit is when a llama is protecting is food and will spit whatever is in there mouth which mostly happens when a llama is eating grain. Lamas may also spit just by spraying the saliva present in their mouths. The worst one is the green stomach contents spit is very smelly to people and to llamas and can be launched at 10 to 15 feet.

The Llama family

You are looking at 4 animals and watching them and what they look like and you see that they all look the same but you are not for sure if they are related at all for even do the same things and where they all live.Alpacas,Camels,vicunas,guanaco are all related to a llama?!? If you are wondering that they you have look at the right place too look at the llama family.

What are in the llama family? Llamas,alpacas,and guanacos are all the species too the llama.The camels and vicunas are both related to the llama. What are the differences between the llama and they alpacas and guanacos? The llamas is about 6 feet tall and alpacas is about 5 feet tall from its head to its toes and the guanacos are about 4 feet tall.They are also all native to Andes Mountains in south America. Where are they found? most llamas live in the high mountains of Andes mountain and also can be found in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. The alpacas are founded in originated from Peru. They were thought to be domesticated by the Indians of the Andes Mountains and also can be found in South America in Bolivia, Ecuador,and Chile. Guanacos live in South America, countries like Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.Do alpacas spit like llamas? Yes they can but some alpacas are bigger spitters than others. Also guanacos will often spit when threatened.

If you ever see a llama don't think that they don't do anything think that they do a lot for people and other things in our lives. The llama family has many uses and very interesting characteristics,these amazing animals can do a lot,so next time you see one remember what these amazing animals can do .