Obesity in Virgina

By Chloe Graves and Avery Taxin

What our Project is About

Over the last couple of years obesity rates in Virginia have been growing rapidly. Virginia's outcomes have been slowly rising since 2012, nearly two thirds of the states have reported increased rates of obesity for 2013.

Rates and Statistics

The 2011 National Survey of Children's Health took a survey and found that just under 30% of Virginia's 10-17 years olds are overweight or obese.Marking Virginia the 23rd highest state in the country for percentage of overweight or obese children. Although, Virginia does have the lowest obesity percentages of it's surrounding states.

More Survey Results

The 2013 Virginia Youth Risk Behavior Survey surveyed High School Students and these are some of the results: 12% were obese,7% did not eat fruit or drink 100% fruit juices,• 8% drank a can, bottle, or glass of soda three or more times per day,13% did not eat breakfast

15% did not participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity on at least 1 day.

• 48% did not attend physical education classes on 1 or more days in an average week

• 28% watched television 3 or more hours per day on an average school day.

• 38% used computers 3 or more hours per day on an average school day.

• 39% did not play on at least one sports team

Our Solution

These percents can decrease by following a healthy lifestyle and being physically active.