Baby Drive

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So Many in Need of Help

Please help us support teen mothers and mamas in need. The rise of teenage pregnancy is astounding. Nearly 1 MILLION teen girls get pregnant yearly and thousands of mothers are unable to give their children what they need, so we are here to help just a few of them out. Below is a list of items we are collecting. Money donations are also accepted. The things on this list vary from super cheap to fairly expensive, please feel free to give whatever you are able or are willing to. Thank you so much.

When can you donate?

Any time! There isnt a specific time or date for this. Its 24 hours 7 days a week. Just contact Hope Breter to figure out a good time to get the products from you.

Top items we need

If you can't donate, keep us in your prayers!

Items we are collecting

Baby wash

Baby Shampoo

Baby wash cloths

Baby Socks (NB-2T)

Baby Clothes (NB-2T)

Diapers (NB-size 5)

Wipes (un-scented)

Sippy Cups

Bottles (with and without the bag)

Bottle cleaning brushes

Baby powder

A+D Ointment

Butt Paste

Baby finger nail clippers

Hats (NB-2T)

Baby Spoons

Baby dishes


Teethers (fridge/freezer type)

Baby Blankets

Swaddling Blankets

Play Mats


Diaper Bags

Changing Pad


Pull ups (boys and girls)

Swimmers (baby swim diapers)

Rear facing car seat

Baby Potty (must be new)

Baby/Toddler tooth brushes

Baby/Toddler Tooth Paste

Scratch mittens


Toys (ages NB to toddler)


Clothing (sizes NB-2T, no stains, washed)

Baby blankets (no stains, washed)

Play Mats (wiped down and clean)

Baby spoons (cleaned)

Baby dishes (cleaned)

Bibs (cleaned, no stains)

Contact me!

If you have any questions, concerns, would like to know more, or know a teen mom or mama in need...