The Sullivan Scoop

August 22-26, 2016

Sullivan Elementary School

Passionate staff providing a positive, engaging environment with high expectations.


We teach students our expectations--again and again! Laying a solid foundation of your classroom expectations sets your students up to have a successful year. You should be reviewing your expectations (CHAMPS) for at least 10 days in the beginning of the year and a couple of times after each long break.


Begin with the end in mind. Where do you want to be in the curriculum at Christmas? In May? Plan now so that you successfully move students through the curriculum at a smooth pace. Remember, I expect you to get through the curriculum this year. If you don't teach the kids the last 3 topics in your curriculum, when will your students ever be exposed to those topics?


The AIMSWeb window is September 6-16 with scores entered by September 23. By now all teachers should have a login and all students have been entered into classes. Cherie and Nikki will be your 1st contact with AIMSWeb. Don't hesitate to ask them questions or request some help from them.

Professional Development

I've left this week open for team time. Please use it wisely working with your whole team or your team teacher.


The telephones are still a work in progress. We are learning how to use them. The one thing to remember right now is please don't let kids call home from your phone for any medical concern. They still need to check in with the nurse or office before calling home about a sickness.

We will begin our emergency drill procedures very soon. I might suggest reviewing those procedures with your class. Emergency procedures can be found in the staff handbook.

Empowering Culture

Don't forget to do your teambuilding activity with the person you drew. I can't wait to see all the selfies on the bulletin board.

Upcoming Events

Monday, August 22

  • First day of the After School Program
  • Mr. Younger's State of The School Address to the Lions Club @ 7:00 PM @ The Legacy

Thursday, August 25

  • Fairy Tale Fair @ 6:30 PM @ the Civic Center

In The Spotlight

I don't usually like glittering generalities because it's not as personal. However, the work you all have done to prepare for students is absolutely mind-blowing! All of you have spent an inordinate amount of time away from your own families to welcome all of Sullivan's families. Thank you so, so much!! Relax this weekend--order pizza--thoroughly enjoy your time with your family!

A Phone Call Home

Good evening Sullivan families,

What a great start to the school year we have had here at Sullivan. I love the energy that students bring to our building and I consider it such an honor that I get to have the job that I do. Our front doors open every school day at 7:30 AM. If you haven’t noticed yet the crosswalk on Sullivan has moved to the intersection of Sullivan and Nebraska. Please make sure your child walks in the crosswalk when dropping him/her off in the morning. On Thursday, August 25, the Fairy Tale Fair will be at the Civic Center beginning at 6:30 PM. I hope to see many of you there! Thank you and have a good night and an even better weekend!